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Green gram or moong dal as it is called in India has lot of health benefits. It is the best vegetarian super food. It is a high source of nutrients including manganese, potassium, magnesium, folate, copper, zinc. It is loaded with protein, resistant starch and dietary fiber, good for skin,   Read More ...

Chicken is low in fat and calories and is considered as a lean meat with loads of protein. It gives zinc and iron and is an excellent source for Vitamins B6, B12 and D. Pepper chicken is very easy to make and it goes well with idli, dosa, rice ,roti   Read More ...

My mom makes sponge cake at home using no electrical appliances. She uses her hands to beat the sugar, flour, eggs and cooks the cake on a gas stove. Main ingredients used by my mom are flour, sugar, eggs, butter, essence and baking powder. Butter used in the cake is   Read More ...


Tomatoes are sweet, juicy and delicious. They are fat free, low in calories and and have Vitamin C. They protect the body from variety of cancers. Fresh tomatoes help to lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Onions are low in calories they are high in beneficial nutrients like vitamins, minerals and   Read More ...

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