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Green mushroom curry is my own creation. Mint, coriander leaves and green chillies give a green colour to the curry so hence I named it green mushroom curry. It goes well with roti, naan, parotta, idiyappam. Mushrooms are not vegetables but they provide several important nutrients. To get the nutritional   Read More ...

Wheat is believed to be rich in nutrients and low in fat content and easily available all over the world. Even after processing the nutrient content is retained in wheat. It also contains a healthful portion of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and E and folic acid, as well   Read More ...

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Orange honey chicken is a delicious sweet and sour dish. This recipe is easy to make, less time consuming and kids will enjoy eating this dish. Chicken is marinated then coated with maida and corn flour and shallow fried. A sauce is prepared and the chicken pieces are cooked in   Read More ...

Biryani origin is uncertain but there are different varieties of biryani prepared in North and south India. In biryani meat and rice are cooked separately before being layered and cooked together. Main ingredients are meat, rice, spices, dry fruits and saffron. It is served with chutney, raita, salad, korma or   Read More ...

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Hariyali chicken kebab is a Punjabi dish and a very delicious appetizer, served with green chutney. ┬áBoneless chicken pieces are marinated in yogurt, mint- coriander and spices, then they are skewered and cooked. Chicken is considered to be healthy and a lean meat because it has less saturated fat and   Read More ...

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