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Lauki in hindi means bottle gourd which is made into balls and deep fried. This golden balls are then cooked in spicy tomato and cashew paste. This delicious curry can be paired with Indian breads. Though not a favorite vegetable as it doesn’t have a taste of it’s own but    Read More ...

Kerala’s one of the unique traditional evening tea time sweet and savory snack is called sukhiyan. This is also found in southern parts of tamilnadu. Other names of this snack are Sughiyan, susiyam, suyyam, sugiyan. This is basically a chayyakadda or tea stall snack found in market places. This snack   Read More ...

Meen varuthathu – kerala fish fry, this is a very simple recipe and a delicious appetizer or starter for house parties. Coated the fish pieces with few spices and shallow fried in coconut oil with curry leaves. The fish I have used is neimeen/ vanjaram/ king mackerel for shallow frying.   Read More ...

Rasam is a traditional dish of south Indians. It’s a centuries old food consumed for its health benefits. It’s a powerhouse for vitamins, minerals and good for digestion. Is rich in antioxidants and helps in weight loss. Rasam is a tangy, spicy tamarind based healthy dish in which a paste   Read More ...

Vadas dunked in sambar are called sambar vadai. Vadas are crispy deep fried South Indian snacks which look like mini doughnuts. These vadas are soaked in mild and flavorful spicy tangy lentil curry. The vadas absorb the sambar and become soft and delicious. Vadas are made from urad dal( black   Read More ...

Mangoes are a low calorie fruit that is very high in fiber. It is a great source of Vitamins A and C. It also contains folate, iron, little calcium, vitamin E and B6. It improves eye sight, digestive health, immunity and lowers risk of certain cancers. As a kid growing   Read More ...

Bhatti ka murg is an authentic punjabi chicken dish and literally means chicken from the kiln. Traditionally cooked in tandoor or clay ovens it has a rustic and delicious taste. It is a delicious starter and is loved by chicken lovers all over the globe. Chicken is considered to be   Read More ...

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