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  Kathi rolls originated in kokatta and it is basically street food. Originally Parathas or Indian bread coated with egg ¬†are stuffed with kebabs. Over the years it has evolved and now any stuffing in Indian bread is called a kathi roll. In this recipe I have stuffed the roll   Read More ...

Pachadi/khichdi/raita is a vegetarian dish where vegetables or fruits are cooked in coconut paste and yogurt. It is a traditional Kerala dish which is prepared during Onam festival and sadhyas. In this recipe coconut paste and yogurt are added to cooked tomatoes. Mustard seeds which are ground with coconut brings   Read More ...

Drumsticks contains high amount of calcium and iron, good for bones. It is loaded with minerals and proteins. Murungakkai errisery is a traditional Kerala dish prepared during sadhya and festivals. It is very easy to prepare. In this recipe drumsticks are cooked in coconut and cumin paste. Cumin seeds brings   Read More ...

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