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  This dish is made in southern India and there is a particular utensil to make this dish. There are two types of paniyaram – one is the sweet one and one is the salty one. This recipe is very easy to prepare. When you have unexpected guests you can   Read More ...

 Mushrooms are consumed for their nutritional and medicinal value. They are easily found in markets.Button mushroom is the most common variety of mushroom consumed all over the world.The white button mushroom is sold as fresh mushroom or is canned and used for soups, sauces and other food products. Recently I learnt   Read More ...

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Cutlet refers to cooked meat in Indian cuisine. The cooked meat is cooked with onions ,garlic paste, potatoes, coriander leaves and spices. Then it is dipped in egg whites and rolled in bread crumbs And deep fried in oil. Chicken is a source of lean, low fat protein and is   Read More ...

Vadas are made from urad dal( black gram). It is a traditional snack prepared in South India, which is eaten as breakfast with idli and sambar. Chopped onions, green chilies, curry leaves, crushed pepper corns and cumin seeds are added into the coarsely ground bengal gram batter and deep fried   Read More ...

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