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Chick peas are good source of protein, boosts iron, lowers bad cholesterol, wards off hunger cravings and protects women against osteoporosis. Chick peas can be used in salads, soups and stews.   Sundal is prepared during festivals and is very healthy and nutritious snack. It is very easy to make.   Read More ...

Mushrooms are consumed for their nutritional and medicinal value. They are easily found in markets.Button mushroom is the most common variety of mushroom consumed all over the world.The white button mushroom is sold as fresh mushroom or is canned and used for soups, sauces and other food product. Consuming  mushrooms helps   Read More ...

Rajma or kidney beans curry is a popular North Indian dish which goes well with rice or Indian bread. Though kidney beans are not of Indian origin( brought from portugal) but is a staple diet of north Indians. After trying for three four times I just gave up making rajma   Read More ...

Idiyappam is a traditional breakfast dish of Kerala. It is also a traditional dish of Tamil nadu, Andhra pradesh, Karnataka and Sri lanka. Main ingredient is rice flour which is made into a dough using boiling water and pressed into a noodle form and steamed. This is served with variety   Read More ...

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  Basmati is a fragrant, long grained rice traditionally found in North India. It is gluten free and low in fat. It contains amino acids, folic acid and is low in sodium and has no cholesterol. Mushrooms are consumed for their nutritional and medicinal value. They are easily found in markets.   Read More ...

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