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  Spaghetti can be prepared with variety of sauces and toppings. Whole grain spaghetti has nutrients and fiber.Sauce made from tomato has lycopene, a very powerful antioxidant. This is an awesome dish especially the chicken meat balls cooked in thick tomato sauce are very tasty. Parmesan cheese, celery and mint   Read More ...

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  This soup is very easy to make. It is tasty, delicious ,healthy and a complete meal. Chicken soup is good for the cold or on a rainy day nothing is better than a hot bowl of chicken soup. INGREDIENTS Chicken breast cut in cubes             Read More ...

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    Chick peas belongs to legume family and is very nutritious. It lowers cholesterol and contain phytochemicals called saponins which can act as antioxidants. Kadla kootu curry is a vegetarian traditional dish which is prepared during sadhya in kerala. Boiled chick peas and yam are cooked in a coconut   Read More ...

    Lassi is India’s cool summer drink which is enjoyed during hot summer . It is made from curd /yogurt which has lot of health benefits. It is the healthiest and best summer drink . Prevents heat stroke and hydrates the body. INGREDIENTS Mint leaves nicely crushed   2   Read More ...

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Koyakatta is a rice based breakfast and it is very tasty and delicious. Rice is ground coarsely after soaking it  overnight and then steamed. Coconut is another main ingredient  put in this. Coconut is a source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is healthy for bones, teeth ,   Read More ...

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  My mom usually during summers make chakka varatti/ jackfruit jam and bottles it. For preservation she adds loads of jaggery and ghee and it stays for an year. Chakka varatti can be used for making pradhaman( payasam/kheer) or in adai. My son simply loves to eat it just like   Read More ...

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This is an Indo Chinese version of egg fried rice. Eggs have lot of nutritional benefits and are super health foods. They are consumed all over the world and is a rich source of protein.  Mushrooms are consumed for their nutritional and medicinal value. In this recipe rice is stir fried with   Read More ...

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Mangoes are called the king of fruits and it is extremely rich in minerals, antioxidant vitamins, fiber and digestive enzymes. It is low in  fat and  calorie. They are very tasty and have flashy yellow colour. They are available in plenty during summers. This recipe is an Indian dish prepared   Read More ...

  Rice vermicelli are also known as rice noodles or rice sticks. They are made from rice and in the form of very thin rice noodles. They are used in soups, stir fry and salad. My hubby loves to eat rice vermicelli noodles and i found this in nuts and   Read More ...

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