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Unni appam is a traditional, tasty and popular snack of Kerala (south India). Unni means small and appam means rice cake. Unni appam is prepared from rice,jaggery, banana, cardamom powder, ghee and coconut pieces. For making unni appam you need special vessel/ebelskiver/ paniyaram moulds. Bananas and cardamom powder with small   Read More ...

  Drumstick leaves are the most nutritious part of the plant. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin k, manganese, phosphorus, calcium and other essential nutrients. Drumstick builds immunity against joint pain, mouth ulcer, fever and eye diseases. It has the power of reducing sugar level   Read More ...

Thoran is a dry dish made in Kerala.  Usually thoran is made during sadhya(feast). Thoran can be  made from different types of fresh vegetables like beans, carrot, raw jackfruit etc and is taken with rice everyday. In kerala lot of coconut is used in every dish, In thoran also coconut   Read More ...

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  Curry leaves have medicinal properties like they are anti oxidant, anti diabetic, anti inflammatory and are natural flavouring agents. It protects liver and heart, fights cancer, helps in digestion and maintains blood sugar levels. Normally I use curry leaves as a flavouring agent in lot of my south Indian   Read More ...

Categories: side dish - dry, veg

Jackfruit is a healthy fruit with no fat but high energy. It contains high amount of nutrients, is an antioxidant and good for eye sight. It strengthens immune function and protects from flu, cold and infections. Diabetic people can enjoy this fruit making sure to add some physical activity. INGREDIENTS   Read More ...

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