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Carrot has lot of health benefits. Carrots have high vitamin A content. It is low in calories and consuming them is good for overall health. Good for eyes, skin, teeth and digestive system. INGREDIENTS Carrot                           2 Baby   Read More ...

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Dhokla is a vegetarian dish from the state of Gujarat in India. There are lot of types of dhoklas. Dhoklas can be eaten as breakfast or main dish or as a snack. INGREDIENTS Chickpea flour/bessan.          3 tea cup Baking powder.               Read More ...

Chicken is a source of lean, low fat protein and is full of vitamins and minerals. This recipe is easy to prepare. Chicken drumsticks are marinated with spices and shallow fried. The longer the chicken is marinated it will give a good flavour and taste. INGREDIENTS Garlic         Read More ...

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A croquette is a small bread crumbed fried food. It is usually shaped into  cylinder, oval or disk shape. In India a potato filled croquette known as aloo tikki is very popular in northern India. The recipe given below is a masala potato filled croquette. Cheese is kept between the   Read More ...

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