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Prepared this beautiful panacotta from garden flowers. Tried preparing for the first time with this lovely looking flowers (blue pea vine /Clitoria ternatea). I was blown away with the beautiful colour. For this recipe have used agar agar. Agar agar is a natural vegetable gelatin, it’s made from plant source   Read More ...

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These pies are prepared from wheat flour instead of maida or refined flour. I have added very less butter to make it even more healthier. Stuffing consists of mushrooms, corn and capsicum. I have prepared the filling adding indian spices. INGREDIENTS FOR THE PASTRY Wheat flour 1 and 1/2 cup   Read More ...

This chicken recipe is very easy and delicious, all you need is to have some masalas. The masalas usually are prepared at my home. Homemade masalas don’t have preservatives. Cumin, coriander seeds, chillies are rinsed and dried out in the sun and powdered in a blender. I prepare small batches   Read More ...

In this recipe eggs are cooked in a paste of onion and tomatoes, masalas are added and finally simmered and cooked in coconut milk and cashew paste. Eggs have lot of nutritional benefits and are super health foods. They are consumed all over the world and is a rich source   Read More ...

Ribbon pakoda is a popular traditional dish of south India. This ribbon shaped south Indian snack is prepared for festivals. It is easy to prepare and tastes good too. This is a crunchy snack prepared with rice flour, gram flour and chick pea flour. It is also known as ribbon   Read More ...

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