Chicken is considered to be healthy and a lean meat because it has less saturated fat and calories than any other red meat. It is loaded with lot of protein, minerals and vitamins. The protein in chicken leads to muscle growth and development.

Chicken has phosphorus along with calcium which are good for bones. It increases immunity, keeps heart healthy and good for growing children. It is an excellent source of zinc, iron and Vitamins B6, B12 and D.

Chicken keema paratha is a very simple, healthy and delicious Parathas where Indian flat bread is stuffed with spiced minced chicken. Equal amount of wheat dough dumpling is stuffed with equal amount of minced chicken and rolled out into disk shape or rotis. They are cooked on flat frying pan with clarified butter. It’s quite filling and a complete meal in itself.


  • Wheat flour 1 and 1/2 cup
  • Chicken boneless 250 gm
  • Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
  • Green chillies 2-3
  • Coriander leaves chopped a handful
  • Onion 1
  • Boiled Potato medium 1
  • Garlic cloves 4-5
  • Coriander powder 1 tsp
  • Ginger 1″
  • Carom seeds 1/4 tsp
  • Cumin seeds 1/4 tsp
  • Fennel seeds 1/4 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Olive /refined oil


Add wheat flour and salt in a large bowl, add little water at a time and make a smooth dough. Cover and rest it for an hour.

Pulse the boneless chicken in a blender and keep aside.

In a mortar and pestle make a paste of garlic, ginger, carom seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds and coriander powder. Keep it aside.

Heat a tbsp olive/ refined oil. Add finely chopped onion and finely chopped green chillies. Saute till onion changes colour. Add the turmeric powder and paste into the onion, saute till the raw smell disappears( on low heat for 2-3 minutes). Add the boiled and mashed potato, minced chicken. Season with salt. Cover and cook till chicken is done. Add the chopped coriander leaves and mix it well.

Divide the dough and stuffing into equal parts. On the working platform  take a dough, sprinkle some flour and roll into round disk of 4 cm with a rolling pin. Add the stuffing on top of the rolled dough.

Gather the edges and roll it into a ball.

Dust with some flour and roll it out into a thick disk of 5-6 cm .Keep it aside. Repeat the same procedure.

Heat a tawa add the disk, grease with ghee and cook on both sides.

Serve hot with pickle/gravy/ raita.

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