Cottage cheese is commonly referred as paneer in India. It is very popular, non melting , unsalted cheese and is used in many dishes.  Health benefits of paneer is they are high protein food, is easy to digest,is a good source of Calcium so good for our bones.

Usually I do not buy paneer from outside, I make it at home.  I am going to write about how to make cottage cheese at home in following steps-


Milk 1litre
Lemon/vinegar 2 tsp
Muslin cloth
Heavy weight

1.Take a litre of milk and boil it, when the milk starts rising up add acid (vinegar or lemon) to it and it starts to curdle, if it does not curdle add little more acid and switch of the heat. The milk separates. After it curdles do not boilit longer or paneer becomes tough.


2. Take a muslin cloth spread it over a vessel and transfer the separated milk into it. The whey goes down and cheese is harvested. Bring the muslin cloth together.



3.You can discard the whey water.


4. Fold the muslin cloth over the cheese


5. Keep the cheese on top of a  steel plate and a plate underside of the steel plate to collect the whey.


6.Keep a heavy weight on top of the cheese, here I have used a granite roti stone so that the excess whey drains out.


7. After 30 to 40 minutes  lift the  heavy weight . A beautiful Cheese of block is ready.

8. Cut in cubes. Paneer is ready. Can be used straightaway for cooking or can be refrigerated in an air tight container but immerse the panner in water.




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  1. I will like to make paneer at home…..i have been using it to cook with curries and i love it….Thanks…..Querino…..

  2. I have always bought paneer from the shop….but I am going to try to make it at home… thanks for encouraging Querino de Freitas

  3. […] Querino de freitas on HOW TO MAKE PANEER(COTTAGE CHEESE) […]

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