This dish is made in southern India and there is a particular utensil to make this dish. There are two types of paniyaram – one is the sweet one and other the salty one. It is crisp from outside and soft from inside. They are gluten free.

This dish is very easy to prepare. It is prepared with dosa/idli batter, finely chopped onions, ginger, curry leaves and green chillies are used. It can be eaten as an evening snack.

Whenever we used to have guests at home my mom used to prepare this. It tastes delicious and doesn’t take much time to prepare.


Idli/dosa batter                           2 cups
Finely chopped ginger              2′
Grated carrot                              half cup
Finely chopped onion.              1 large
Curry leaves finely chopped.   2-3 sprigs
Green chillies finely chopped  2
Refined oil/coconut oil


In a large bowl mix carrot, ginger, onion, green chilies and idli/soda batter. Check for salt anf if required add it.


Heat paniyaram utensil and when it is hot add one spoon of oil and grease the moulds. Add the batter into each mould and cook for some time, turn it upside down gently and cook till done.

Serve with sambhar or chutney.

Note: for chutney, sambar, dosa/ idli batter you can check out the recipe in this same site.

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